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New Articles Published
Using Roles in Forms Authentication in ASP.Net 2.0Authentication is one of the essential parts of any application we develop. Using authentication, our site visitors can be restricted to access private contents anonymously. Forms Authentication is one of the authentication mechanisms that can be used to authenticate users. With the introduction of 2.0 we have a handful of controls that helps in implementing role based forms authentication very easy with the primary support of Providers in ASP.Net 2.0.
ASP.NET Social Networks—Making Friends (Part 1)In this article by Andrew Siemer, we will cover the most important aspect of any community site—making friends. We will divide this article in two parts. This part starts with the discussion of Problem, that is, what we need to do to achieve success for the article's topic—finding and inviting friends to your network on a community site. It then moves to Design part where we decide on our requirements, and finally the article reaches Solution part where we begin discussing how to actually implem
ASP.NET Social Networks—Making Friends (Part 2)In the first part of this article we concentrated on two aspects Problem and Design. We started with the Problem, that is, defining what we need to implement the Friends concept, finding and inviting friends to join our network and developing an alert system. We then moved to Design wherein we actually finalized the requirements. And finally we began with the Solution, that is, actually implementing the features. In this part of the article by Andrew Siemer, we will continue with the solution pa
How to add content to SPList Item view formExcellent "how to" article written by my company VP R&D.
Custom GridView Paging with ObjectDataSource Control with ASP.Net 2.0ASP.Net is packed with many data bound control to present the data in tabular form to the users. In GridView control, we can enable the inbuilt paging by setting AllowPaging and PageSize property. In this approach, it will fetch all the records from database to display the records in any page. This will affect the performance when the number of records is really huge. It will be good, if we fetch only those records which are required to display in that particular page. This article will help us
Want to add a rating field to MOSS search results? Here's how! KWizCom's VP R&D explains how to add a rating field to MOSS search results.!
Using JQuery in ASP.Net AJAX Applications – Part 1JQuery is a light weight JavaScript library which provides fast and easy way of HTML DOM traversing and manipulation, event handling, client side animations, etc. One of the greatest features of JQuery is, it supports an efficient way to implement AJAX applications because of its light weight nature. This article series will help us understand the usages of JQuery in implementing AJAX applications.
How to import data from AD to InfoPath 2007 Form Template (code free) Excellent how to guide written by my colleague Shai Petel, KWizCom's VP R&D, explaining step by step how to import data from AD to InfoPath 2007 Form Template (code free!)
New Codes Published
Fit Popup window Size to the Image Size using JavaScript
Fire Validator Controls Before JavaScript Confirm Box Fires in ASP.Net Page
Validate For Invalid File in ASP.Net FileUpload control
String.ReplaceAll function in JavaScript
Display multiple spaces in HTML
Printing ASPX Page by Hiding Some of the Page Elements Dynamically
How to Pass Date from Calendar Pop-Up control To Parent Window in ASP.Net ?
Using the JQuery Library hosted by Google CDN (Content Distribution Network) in ASP.Net Applications
New FAQs Published
How to Host ASP.Net AJAX site on a Server that does not have ASP.Net AJAX Installed ?
What is the difference between Label and Literal Control in ASP.Net?
What is SharePoint?
What is WSS and MOSS? Explain How Sharepoint Works?
What is site and site collection in Sharepoint? And What is the main advantage of using site collections?
What is the concept of virtual path provider in sharepoint?
What is the concept of ghosting and unghosting in SharePoint?
What is the concept of safemodeparser in ASP.NET?
What is the concept of Site pages and Application pages in Sharepoint?
How should I find the temp tables are exists in database?

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