Saturday, June 13, 2009


Some useful links to MVC development. ( v1.0 source )

MVC is out with dotnet3.5 sp1
Model - data objects
View - output
Controller - performs action

Ajax, silverlight, Flash - shifts the complexity of application development.

Entity Famework
.nettiers (codesmith)

Depends on models, not on controller

Depends on models and calls views
Data can be returned in HTML, RSS, JSON, Javascript, text, etc.,

Routing is new feature in .net 3.5 for MVC to hide the extension in website url. It includes Controller, action and id in the url.

extension methods : new in 3.5
We can use ent library validations with MVC, logging and exception handling as well

Decorators for actions / controllers
These handle error handling, authentication and authorization.

Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Silver light is subset of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
Silver light separates UI and Business logic.
It can be hosted on desktop or webbrowser or mobile (soon).
It has visual aspects like 2d, 3d, graphics, animation, audio and video.
WPF is preferred than windows forms from VS 2008, .net 3.5 and expression blend.
WPF can run in web as well. Soon it might replace
GDI invented in 1984. No MDI (multiple windows), No build-in datagrid.
Bubbling, tunneling and Direct are the event handlers.
Silverlight has its own CLR, it can not directly talk to .net. ex: is not available, something like is availble.
XAML desing and http protocol.
Silverlight exentsion will install all the controls for drag and drop
All data calls in Silver light are asynchronous.
Page.XAML and page.XAML.CS are the file extensions you see.
This session i have gone through is more of code session than theory and PPT.
Visual studio project can be opened in Microsoft Expression Blend. This is editor for Silverlight.
visual studio 2008 and silverlight 3.
Vector brings lot of difference in Silverlight. Even if you zoom the image you will not loose the clarity like pixel fromat.

SQL Server 2008 New Features

Feature of SQL Server 2008, which allows storage and efficient access to BLOB data using a combination of SQL Server 2008 and the NTFS file system.
Filestream updates are part of transactions insert, update etc.,
Filestream need not be backed up along with the database. You can do it either way.
There is separate log for Filestream transactions.
Dotnet 3.5 sp1 required for for class
Database mirroring is not possible with filestream.

Sparse column:
New way to store NULL columns or data columns
When you declare column as SPARSE it will not take up disk space for NULL column.
space is reduced for NULL columns but cost is overhead for retrieving non-NULL values.
Some columns like ntext, image etc., can not be SPARSE columns
when the column is not null SPARSE takes more space, typically 4 bytes per column.
SQL Server management can suggest you with the space it takes with each datatype column. It gives the % of space with each data type.
On million rows, if you used it for right column it might save at least 10 MB.

Filtered Index:
Which row to include in the index and which row to drop out of indexing.
You can define the rows you want to index in where clause
Must be non clustered index
Created filtered statistics for filtered indexes.

Several new data types introduced in 2008
Till now datetime is one datatype.
now we have 4, date, time, datime2 and datimeoffset
Each date variable takes 3 bytes.
Time data type stored only time on 24 hour clock
fraction of seconds is 7, instead of 3 earlier.

VSTS 2008 - Automation of Dotnet Code Build

VSTS is set of tools. It contains the below list of tools
Project management tool
Reporting Tool
Design Tool
Build Automation Tool
Testing Tool
Database Tool
Visio for UML diagrams

It integrates Sql Server Reporting Service.
It has Architecture edition, DEVelopment Edition, Database edition, Testing editions.
It has sharepoint inside it. (WSS not MOSS)
Email alert system for check in, checkout kind of events. It can alert on any update activity.
5 users per license around 10 Grands. There is limitation on clients, no limit on web access. It has both client and web access tool.
Team Foundation Server has an application through which you can check on IPhone, you can monitor build results.
Security features like who can build the code etc., are present.
You can schedule build every night or on the event of every checkin.

Deep dive in to MSBuild now:
MSBuild is microsoft build engine
Independent tool for .net application.
TFS service identity is used to run the build project
Core target file contains build errors and success logs.
You can overwrite the before and after targets in the xml of build, not the core target.
We can Debug and test build project
The build process is windows service (VSTF build service), windows build agent should be enabled.
You can use command line tools to get builds on to different locations.
we can import values of properties at shad timm's blog
Create, remove etc., web directories directly.
We can ftp the website build directly to webserver remote.

MS test is test tool like NUnit.
We can add database project into build.
Team build doesnt deploy db project
Visio is integrated with VSTS.

Overall Simple things made simple, complex things made possible with this.

My experience with Code Camp

Today for the I attended Microsoft Code Camp at Connecticut chapter. Its all about upcoming things in Microsoft technology. I got some cool gifts too :-)

There were nearly 30 speakers. One thing is common to all of them, passion for technology. They demonstrated their examples on the new technologies and versions that are rolling out in 2010.

We have chose between series or parallel topics and attend one, which interests you.
I attended VSTS, WPF & Silver Light, SQL Server 2008 New Features and ASP.NET with MVC.

Some of them were good, some were extra ordinary. All in all its new experience and new path. Checkout your local Microsoft chapter for these kind of events, they are really cool.

May be after my school, this is the first time I sat patiently in class room for 8 continuous hours. I will be publishing each class content as one article in the same blog. Enjoy Reading !!!

New technology is like teenage girl, its always exciting till it becomes old.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Microsoft Free Antivirus software for PC's code named MORRO (code-named after Morro de Sao Paolo beach in Brazil).

How it Works:
Morro will work by routing all of a users Internet traffic to a Microsoft datacenter, where the Morro application will process the traffic and identify and block malware in real-time, by examining all of the rerouted traffic.

What it will do:
Microsoft has said it will provide protection from several types of malicious software including viruses, spy ware, rootkits and Trojans.

When it is arriving:
In the second half of the June. Microsoft will be discontinuing its Windows Live OneCare.

Why I need this:
When used in conjunction with the ongoing security and privacy enhancements of Windows and Internet Explorer, this new solution will offer consumers a robust, no-cost security solution to help protect against the majority of online threats.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Google Wave - Going to create waves !!!

Today I was introduced to something extraordinary collaborative technology called Google Wave. It redefines the collaboration and live conversations existing today.

Google wave merges Mail and Chat together with so many cool features. It is a client with Mail box kind of look and feel. Here are some cool features of it...

First of all Its open source.
Powerful things that can be done in browser with different instances are together as one product now.
This is from the developers of Google maps.
Its developed in Sydney, Australia.
It is in its early form now.
Google wave will be launched by this year end.
This is a product, platform and protocol. Three P's.
Wiki, emails, chat, social networking sites, new feed of sites, blogging sites everything at one place.
Instant messaging and mail together. We can see the every character being typed by the other party as he is typing. Need now wait for him to hit enter.
We have play back feature where , instant messages between two parties is played back as the conversation happened.
Wave client is embed in Orkut and blog spot.
It works on Mobile also.
You can use it for collaborating documents also.
Documentation source control is also available in online edit way.
N number of people can edit the same document online, while seeing the each character changed by other person as they are doing.
Its completely developed with google web tool kit for html 5.
You can inter-link wave conversations within another wave.
Automatic spell check in Wave.
Google search can be done from inside google wave, you can drag and drop the links on to wave client.
Any open source gadget can be fit inside google wave client.
You can play chess, sudoku kind of games inside Google wave collaboratively.
You can include maps inside wave client.
It can be integrated with YouTube, you can play videos inside it.
There is a gadget for translation of 40 language word by word, while you type in.
Two people from different languages can chat with each other in their own language, while the translator making the translation word by word.

There is excellent video of one hour on google wave.

One more miracle from the same team after google maps in 2005.
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