Friday, September 26, 2008

Dotnet 3.5 New Features

.net 3.5 features:
LINQ: Language integrated query
Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) in .net3.5, can query from XML, SQL etc.,

Improved ASP.NET ajax support: This improves UI page efficiency.
partial page refresh updates are possible. Calling webservice methods from client scripts is made easy.

Find the ASP.NET and AJAX architecture diagram below

WCF: windows communication foundation: Microsft recomended approach for communication between applications.
Windows Workflow foundation (WF): Workflow is common with any domain or business problems. Most of the business solutions go like a workflow. so the improved workflow in dotnet 3.5 should help in building seamless workflows for business problems.
Windows Presentation Foundation: support for videos, animation, 2 & 3 D graphics
windows Cardspace Windows card space is a form of improved identity.

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