Monday, September 15, 2008

Troubleshoot Error/Messages in DOCUMENTUM Technology

Troubleshoot Error/Messages in MS Word document (opening through IE browser or MS Word) In DOCUMENTUM


A) “The disk is full”:

When you try to save a document using File àSave or CTRL+S, you may receive following error:

It’s generally found when you open a document using IE or any application or program which display a document in IE browser. This issue could be due to missing reference in the document.

What shall you do then?

a) Open the document.

b) Press ALT+F11

c) Click ToolsàReferences

d) See if it shows something like Missing:, if you find such option selected, deselect it.

e) Click on FileàClose and Return to Microsoft Word (ALT+Q)

f) Save the document.

Now open the document in IE and save it, it should get saved without any problem.

B) “Update Table of Contents”:

When you try to print a document using File àPrint or CTRL+P, you may receive following message:

Now this is generally seen for a document which has table of contents and before printing a document may prompt for updating the table of Content.

If you are getting this message every time you print a document, you can:

a) Go to Tools à Option in your document.

b) Click on the Print Tab

c) Under ‘Printing Options’ uncheck ‘Update Fields’.

d) Now try to print the document, no ‘Update Table of Contents’ message will be prompted.

Note: This setting is stored at the system level and will impact all the documents. So if you still need the prompt for other documents ensure that you keep the field ‘Update Fields’ checked.

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