Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dotnet Framework 4.0 / Visual Studiod 2010 / VSTS 2010

Dotnet Framework 4.0 / Visual Studiod 2010 / VSTS 2010 :

Next version of Dotnet is Visual Studio 2010 and Dotne Framwork 4.0.

What will be NEW: Microsof is focusing on below new 5 areas for Dotnet Framework 4.0 / VisualStudio 2010

PlatformWave: We have to wait and see what it is!!!!!
Developer Delight: As always developers can expect much more fancy, easy to use development environments from Microsft.
Departmental Applications: Sounds like domain specific solutions will be provided as default tools or packages (my assumption)
Cloud Computing: I expected this already, i wrote an article on this couple of days back in my blog. Checkout my blog for more details on cloud computing

ALM: Application life cycle management. May be more stuff like Visual studio team server!!!!!!

VSTS 2010 will have more features as expected.
Modeling Tools: Graphically collaborative modeling tools for both technical and non technical users. Includes "Oslo" repository, tools and language.
Check here if you would like to know SOA product OSLO of microsoft

Improved testing features, Scalability for agile development.

VSTS 2010 will provide a unified development and DB product!!!! Do you expect anything other than .net and SQL server in it??????

you can expect to see more about Dotnet 4.0 in the coming months.

check the announcement from Sr. VP of Development division Microsoft, ha ha ha he is Indian

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