Monday, October 20, 2008

MVC Pattern in ASP.NET

All of us are famous with MVC pattern. Model, View and Controller framework is in now introduced in ASP.NET. Please remember its not a replacement for ASP.NET, its an alternative only.

The major advantage with this is Testability. It gives boost to test driven approach. You can use NUnit to do the testing.

See how you can implement ASP.NET in MVC pattern
Model: datagrid
View: aspx, ascx or windows UI
Control: code behind.

In the ASP.NET Web Forms model, the input goes into the page (the View ASP.NET page), and the view is responsible for both handling the input and generating the output. When it comes to MVC, on the other hand, the responsibilities are separated.

In MVC model ASP.NET page that is VIEW is responsible for generation of output. Model (ex: datagrid) will handle the Input and controller (ASP.NET code behind) controls the business logic.
you can view half an hour video on MVC building from start to end at below link

you have more tutorials below ....

Happy Learning!!!!!!!!!!

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