Monday, November 3, 2008

Microsoft Solution Framework

While i was going through some of the articles on Microsoft methodologies. I found this new buzz word Microsoft Solution Framework.

This is a solution framework from Microsoft, targets a different approach than regular software methodologies and enables rapid applicaiton development.
Generally S/W development is basing on Water fall model or spiral model. MSF (Microsft Solution Framework) tried to get you best of both the worlds.

The main elements of solution are as below

Selected technologies and custom code

Give a look at the diagramatic representation of this methodology.

This model explains the relationship between key elements of S/W deliverables namely Resources, Schedule and Feature. This is named as Trade off Triangle. You can fix one of these three and you can adust the other two components as per your convenience.

It provides people and process guidance from Team perspective. So as you can expect it is part of MSTS. It brings in Milestone based approach as well.

Find more details about this at the below article.

If you are looking for a text book definition, here it is from Wikipedia. You can find the interesting version history also here.

So following atleast one methodology will mitigate the risk of "COWBOY CODING" (Team member do whatever they feel is right)

Happy Learning !!!

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