Monday, November 24, 2008

Tips and Tricks of Dotnet II

Continued from part I, refer to part I below....

The TraceSwitch class provides a switch that allows you to control tracing and debugging output of a .Net application without recompiling the code. You can use the switch to change trace options simply by using the config file.

The invariant culture is a culture-neutral storage format.

Web user controls can only be shared by copying their files into each application that you want to use the control in.

A web garden is basically just a single computer with multiple processors. The advantage of a web garden is that you can add additional processors to this single computer to boost the power and speed of your web application.

DataList is the only one which allows you to display two columns.

The FileStream class allows for byte-by-byte input or output

The StandardTab property should be set to True to move the focus to the next control in the tab order rather than move focus to the next cell in the DataGridView

Use a TableLayoutPanel and create the desired rows and columns. It can change dynamically as the application environment changes hence adjusting the controls contained within it.

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