Monday, December 29, 2008

Windows Live Sky Drive

As part of series of cloud computing articles, i want to give a live example of cloud computing i.e Sky drive. Of course this is just tip of ice burg what cloud computing can do.

Windows Sky drive is part of the windows live initiatives. It offers you 25 GB free space.
The Sky Drive files can save near about 1,000 songs or 30,000 digital photos. Sky Drive allows up to 30 folders and any number of sub-folders to be created by its members. It was first introduced in August 2007. It is absolutely free and reliable. Look and feel will give you explorer like view.

All you need to have is MSN or Hotmail id to log in and start using. You need not install anything also.

So why cant we make use of our rightful 25GB space over Internet :-)

once you upload your content you will see url as below

Happy learning !!!!

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