Monday, January 5, 2009

Microsoft Blueprint

In continuation to my effort of bringing new age technologies from Microsoft, here is the latest "Microsoft Blueprint".

Microsoft is working on a new Factory based architecture that is nothing but MS Blueprint. Infosys is also partnering with MS on this new architecture development.

A software blue print is a step by step guidance and code generation capability for different layers like Data Access, Security, Smart Client etc.,

Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT) is the predecessor for MS Blueprint. The basic use of this is to build guidance packages and make them available within Visual Studio Dotnet.

MS Blueprint has an advantage over GAT with versions. Whenever a new guidance package is available with GAT we have to uninstall old one and install new one. But with MS Blue Print you can get updates like RSS feed. It will check over Internet for newly available factories and makes it available integrated with Visual Studio.

Blueprint gives tight integration with windows work flow foundation. Each phase of work flow can be integrated with MS Blueprint. Guidance is build on top of the WWF.

Writing code generation logic in C# or VB.NET makes it simple than the GAT XML structure.

Infosys Work on MS Blueprint: Infosys created a silver light software factory demo, which internally contains three additional blue prints, Silver light Blueprint, WCF Blueprint, LINQ Blueprint.

Infosys Silver light blueprint gives factories/Guidance to implement logic layer of Silver light.

LINQ blueprint is for data layer. WCF Blueprint is for service interface layer.

Happy Learning !!!

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