Sunday, May 17, 2009

Windows 7 on Virtual PC 2007

Today I experimented Windows 7 on Virtual PC 2007. Its great experience to be short.

Here is how it went.
First install Virtual PC 2007 on to your computer.
Create a new virtual machine.
Download windows 7 from Microsoft site.
Download ISO Buster to identify the image file downloaded from MS site. (Optional)
Start virtual PC 2007, make sure it has RAM not less than 1 GB.
In Virtual PC windows, go to Capture ISO image and select the downloaded file from MS.
After few minutes it will ask to reboot. Turnoff the virtual PC and start it again.
It will automatically start installing, and just go ahead with options.
You may have to restart your Virtual PC one more time during the installation process.

Within a short while Windows 7 is all yours. Enjoy the new OS coming in Christmas 2009. By the way if you are interested in stock market, buy Microsoft shares. It seems after Windows 7 release share might shoot up !!!!

Some notable features :
Improved boot performance (Really short boot time). I loved this feature.
Calculator is much enhanced.
Task bar is visually bigger.
MS paint is also little differe with respect to options.
Some more things added and removed.
The most disappointing thing is Windows Movie Maker is removed.

Yet to explore other features.......

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