Thursday, June 4, 2009

Google Wave - Going to create waves !!!

Today I was introduced to something extraordinary collaborative technology called Google Wave. It redefines the collaboration and live conversations existing today.

Google wave merges Mail and Chat together with so many cool features. It is a client with Mail box kind of look and feel. Here are some cool features of it...

First of all Its open source.
Powerful things that can be done in browser with different instances are together as one product now.
This is from the developers of Google maps.
Its developed in Sydney, Australia.
It is in its early form now.
Google wave will be launched by this year end.
This is a product, platform and protocol. Three P's.
Wiki, emails, chat, social networking sites, new feed of sites, blogging sites everything at one place.
Instant messaging and mail together. We can see the every character being typed by the other party as he is typing. Need now wait for him to hit enter.
We have play back feature where , instant messages between two parties is played back as the conversation happened.
Wave client is embed in Orkut and blog spot.
It works on Mobile also.
You can use it for collaborating documents also.
Documentation source control is also available in online edit way.
N number of people can edit the same document online, while seeing the each character changed by other person as they are doing.
Its completely developed with google web tool kit for html 5.
You can inter-link wave conversations within another wave.
Automatic spell check in Wave.
Google search can be done from inside google wave, you can drag and drop the links on to wave client.
Any open source gadget can be fit inside google wave client.
You can play chess, sudoku kind of games inside Google wave collaboratively.
You can include maps inside wave client.
It can be integrated with YouTube, you can play videos inside it.
There is a gadget for translation of 40 language word by word, while you type in.
Two people from different languages can chat with each other in their own language, while the translator making the translation word by word.

There is excellent video of one hour on google wave.

One more miracle from the same team after google maps in 2005.

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