Sunday, July 12, 2009

This week tech bite is Google Chrome OS. Till now Microsoft and Apple are the only major players in Desktop / Laptop OS, Google wants to enter this turf.

What it will do:
It will be open source like Linux . While Microsoft is trying to attack on 65% Market Capitalization of Google search with Bing, Google is trying to attack on 90% OS business domination of Microsoft with Chrome OS.

How it Works:
Google has already developed Open Source OS called Android for Mobile Phones. Chrome OS will be lightweight and just loads the browser, your OS will be present in Web(Cloud) but not on your desktop or Laptop. Browser will connect to the OS on the web and performs all OS activities. Google Claims, Chrome Operating System will be faster, smoother and lightweight.

When it is Coming:
Note books / PC's running on Chrome OS will be available by 2nd half of 2010.

Where is this useful:
Cheaper, no cost involved in buying OS for Hardware Manufacturer. They save $50 which they generally pay to Windows for its OS.
Just like all other Google applications it will be faster.
Lightweight OS, Desktop need not carry any heavy OS like Vista or Windows 7.

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