Friday, July 24, 2009

This week tech bite is Windows Azure Platform. Azure is a Cloud service platform hosted in Microsoft Data Centers.

What it will do:

You need not purchase Software, Hardware. No need to worry about maintenance. You can host applications on Azure platform just the way you are using your Enterprise LAN center now. It can also be used as development environment for Application development. Connectivity, storage, uptime and data availability are promised at 99.95% in Enterprise Service Level Agreement.

How it Works:

Pricing will be based on usage , storage, transaction etc., Give a look at the pricing model comparison between three major Cloud providers, namely Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Google App. Engine.

When it is Coming: Second half of 2009, hopefully Nov 2009.

Where is this useful:
Reduces Tedious and expensive Infrastructure planning.
Additional computing & services capacity is available easily.
The services platform manages critical OS updates and management tasks.
Existing applications in other infrastructure can also be moved and maintained easily.
Happy Learning !!!

(Courtesy Infosys Blogs & Microsoft Azure websites)

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