Saturday, June 13, 2009

VSTS 2008 - Automation of Dotnet Code Build

VSTS is set of tools. It contains the below list of tools
Project management tool
Reporting Tool
Design Tool
Build Automation Tool
Testing Tool
Database Tool
Visio for UML diagrams

It integrates Sql Server Reporting Service.
It has Architecture edition, DEVelopment Edition, Database edition, Testing editions.
It has sharepoint inside it. (WSS not MOSS)
Email alert system for check in, checkout kind of events. It can alert on any update activity.
5 users per license around 10 Grands. There is limitation on clients, no limit on web access. It has both client and web access tool.
Team Foundation Server has an application through which you can check on IPhone, you can monitor build results.
Security features like who can build the code etc., are present.
You can schedule build every night or on the event of every checkin.

Deep dive in to MSBuild now:
MSBuild is microsoft build engine
Independent tool for .net application.
TFS service identity is used to run the build project
Core target file contains build errors and success logs.
You can overwrite the before and after targets in the xml of build, not the core target.
We can Debug and test build project
The build process is windows service (VSTF build service), windows build agent should be enabled.
You can use command line tools to get builds on to different locations.
we can import values of properties at shad timm's blog
Create, remove etc., web directories directly.
We can ftp the website build directly to webserver remote.

MS test is test tool like NUnit.
We can add database project into build.
Team build doesnt deploy db project
Visio is integrated with VSTS.

Overall Simple things made simple, complex things made possible with this.

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