Saturday, June 13, 2009

My experience with Code Camp

Today for the I attended Microsoft Code Camp at Connecticut chapter. Its all about upcoming things in Microsoft technology. I got some cool gifts too :-)

There were nearly 30 speakers. One thing is common to all of them, passion for technology. They demonstrated their examples on the new technologies and versions that are rolling out in 2010.

We have chose between series or parallel topics and attend one, which interests you.
I attended VSTS, WPF & Silver Light, SQL Server 2008 New Features and ASP.NET with MVC.

Some of them were good, some were extra ordinary. All in all its new experience and new path. Checkout your local Microsoft chapter for these kind of events, they are really cool.

May be after my school, this is the first time I sat patiently in class room for 8 continuous hours. I will be publishing each class content as one article in the same blog. Enjoy Reading !!!

New technology is like teenage girl, its always exciting till it becomes old.

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